Another riso print.

Giada ganassin

Lose #6 and Distance Mover Launch and Contemporaries Art Show Opening16 October 2014 | At Weird Things Gallery Toronto, On | FREE Visit the Weird Things Gallery website for further details    Michael DeForge and Patrick Kyle are launching Lose #6 and Distance Mover respectively at the wonderful Weird Things gallery in Toronto on 16 October 2014. This will be the Canadian launch of their books, as well as the opening of Michael’s art show called Contemporaries. Michael and Patrick will be fresh off a month of touring with Simon Hanselmann, so be sure to ask them about their new comics, their favourite truck stops and highway hypnosis.Poster by Michael DeForge and Patrick Kyle

Still available HERE!

Colors are done !The book will be printed soon !

My collection with the Japanese street wear brand R.Newbold is now available through their website. Go check it out.