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Gif I made for ADHD.

Ken Price, Narrow Passage, 2004

Icon of Chinnamasta, the Mahavidya arising from the joined bodies of the Originating Couple, Kangra, c.1800 (gouache on paper), Indian School, (19th century) / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images



Alan Brown, the artist known as Medusawolf, painted one of the most incredible, detailed, meticulous, lush and complex Witch-king of Angmar commissions that I own (seen above). I was able to finally meet him and speak to him briefly at SPX a few weeks ago and he is a genuinely cool person that I would like to spend even more time getting to know.Fortunately, a site called Great Big Iceberg is doing a very detailed profile of Alan and exploring his life, his art, his process and his thoughts. It’s a really remarkable artist profile, unlike anything I have ever seen, and it mixes photos, interviews, quotes, art, audio clips and more for a very full and thorough take on the artist. On the sixth page of the profile, you can see the Witch-king piece and listen to a short audio clip of Alan detailing the remarkable amount of thought and attention to ideas that went into his conception and composition of the piece. This fascinated me! You can find part 1 of Alan’s profile here, and I will post a link to part 2 once that is up.Find Alan’s work on blogger here, tumblr here, and buy his art and prints at his Etsy shop here.

Re-posting this from my Nazgul art collection blog. A link to part 1 of a fascinating profile of artist Alan Brown, also known as Medusawolf. Well worth spending some time with.

This one is my favorite of the entire collection!

Rudolf Herrmann

"Projets et Coûts"

A collab from mine and matthew swan’s Haunted House zine.